DSP Plan Room
Large Format Color Scanning

Capture everything from hand draftings to architectural renderings. Until now, a quality fine art
scan required a professional to photograph the art, a photo lab to produce an original transparency,
and finally a service bureau to scan the transparency - a costly process taking several days.

At Reprographic Solutions, Inc. you can scan just about anything, from artwork the size of a postage
stamp to an E-size technical drawing or even a 48" x 60" original painting. Because Reprographic
Solutions, Inc. can size the image, you always have the maximum resolution, regardless of the size of
the original artwork.

Reprographic Solutions, Inc. produces a museum quality scan. But resolution is not the only test for
image quality. Color fidelity is critical. Reprographic Solutions, Inc. matched light source yeilds optimal
color fidelity.

•  High resolution up to 6000 x 7520 pixels
•  File sizes from 2 MB to 129 MB
•  Outputs to PC formats
•  Save your files to CD/DVD Roms, USB Thumb Drives
•  Renderings, maps, signs, aerial photographs, paintings, and more in sizes up to 48" x 60"

For large file transfers,
please select a location below:

Port St. Lucie




West Palm Beach


Vero Beach

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